"THE PAINTER" Rochester Fringe Live Painting Print

"THE PAINTER" Rochester Fringe Live Painting Print


Corinne Fallone live painted a 7ft x 6ft masterpiece right before your eyes at Rochester Fringe Festival! You watched the painting come to life at “The Painter”, and now you can take home Rochester Fringe in an 11”X14” exclusive work of art! Each fine art print is reproduced in Corinne’s studio in Rochester, NY with high quality inks on professional canvas paper.

The live painting will slightly differ in color and brush stroke variation depending on the show it was painted in. This makes the artwork completely original each time the it is created in the show. Select your show date so that you will receive the exact painting that you saw come to life at “The Painter”.

Blacklight vs. No Blacklight : The original artwork is painted with UV reactive paint! Select which print speaks to you the most :) You can purchase “The Painter” print with the black light shining on it or choose the option without the blacklight if you wish to purchase the print with its natural color!


*All prints will be shipped within 4-7 days after you place your order*

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