"Roc Your Pineapple" Comfy V Neck T- Shirt

"Roc Your Pineapple" Comfy V Neck T- Shirt

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Join the Roc Your Pineapple Movement! :)

Pineapples are a radiant symbol of welcome, friendship and hospitality. The quote, “Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside” is one of Fallone’s favorite inspirational quotes. Her pineapple art is a representation of her current movement called “ROC Your Pineapple.” Fallone intends to create a welcoming community where uniqueness is embraced and self love is encouraged. ROC your Pineapple is a platform for optimism and taking pride in who you are. She creates these pineapples to remind people all around the world to embrace their individuality and love one another.

Buy your comfy Pineapple t-shirt today to Roc Your Pineapple all day, everyday.

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