“The painter”




“The Painter” is a colorful performance directed and choreographed by local artist Corinne Fallone. Passionate local dancers interpret the artist's creative process as well as interact with the over-sized canvas that Fallone paints right before your eyes! A combination of dance styles with a mix of classical, alternative, jazz and techno music, the performance is jam-packed with creativity, neon paint and a topsy-turvy masterpiece! "The Painter" will leave its audience energized and inspired.


“The Painter” Performers

Jane Atkinson, Ava Basset, Olivia Beach, Elle Becker, Julianna Buono, Jessie Ciufo, Molly Clarke, Alex Day, Gracie Day, Grace Del Prete, Lillian Gauss, Sam Gauss, Ella Genovese, Taylor Greider, Paige Hambley, Meghan Lampe, Meaghan Leibert, Taylor Lundfelt, Lauren Matthews, Celena McElligott, Daniela Miner, Chelsea Pappa, Lexi Reyes, Sam Romagnolo, Savanna Ross, Marianna Ruggiero, Gabby Russo, Jade Salmon, Alyssa Santos, Ellie Scacchitti, Stella Shortino, Merin Squillante, Haleigh Traub, Mia Worthington


Last Year’s Fringe

“The Painter” was Corinne Fallone's first ever performance and SOLD OUT SHOW at #rocfringe18. The artist collaborated with passionate performers from all around NYS to create an intense and inspiring story with an interactive mural. Fallone live painted a 25ft mural with 30 beautiful dancers interpreting her creative process as an artist. After her painting of the Rochester skyline was completed in the 45 minute performance, the artist donated it to Rochester’s School of the Arts!