"Layers of Venezia" Special Edition Print by Corinne Fallone

"Layers of Venezia" Special Edition Print by Corinne Fallone


Layers of Venezia by Corinne Fallone
High quality digital print
#/100, Signed

• Each print is packaged with chipboard backing and clear sleeve cover. Frame not included •

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"Layers of Venezia" is a print that I hold so dear to my heart. This exclusive print is derived from my "Ital_Scapes" body of work, in light of my recent travels to Italy. The country was so unbelievably inspiring and I'm so happy that I am able to share a piece of my experience with you! I'm very fortunate to have explored Rome, Amalfi Coast, Frosinone, Sorrento, Avellino, Capri, San Giovanni, Florence and Venice. I took in every ounce of history and beauty everywhere I went. Seeing all of these places not only opened my eyes to the raw Italian culture ( and amazingly delicious food) but also built this fire inside me to create.

Coming home to my studio, it wasn't a matter of wanting to paint. It was a NEED to paint. I needed to share my experience. I needed to share the love I have for this colorful country. It had impacted me in so many wonderful ways and it's crazy to see how I fell in love with it in such a short period of time! "Ital_Scapes" is the title of my new series of work. It's a never ending story of my journey. It's a series that not only encompasses my travels throughout Italy but my journey as an artist as well. My perspective. My take on the world. I have made this art with all my heart. I hope that it speaks to you and gives you a glimpse of Italy's magical essence.

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